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Hear first-hand from leading enterprises and research institutions how our technology underpins their rapid digital growth. Featuring Orange, Daisy, Nifty, Los Alamos National Laboratory, HPE, and many more—we wouldn’t be here without them.

Storage never sleeps.
How do you satisfy global organizations like Staples, RTL II, BroadBand Tower,, and Rackspace, whose customers demand 100% up time and full availability? Very very precisely. Flexible, rock-solid, budget-saving products like the Scality RING and S3 server make it possible.

Meet our brilliant, talented team.
We love to celebrate accomplishments, especially the people and personalities who make Scality a global leader in storage. You’ll find us everywhere in the world.

Innovation is an attitude.
And competition is in our blood. Yours too? Just imagine what we can do together.

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