Live Webinar: Transform Your Business with Scality HALO Cloud Monitor

Business continuity risk. Frantic midnight phone calls. 2 a.m. troubleshooting. Any way you look at it, downtime is a storage professional’s nightmare. But now it’s just a bad memory. New Scality HALO Cloud Monitor delivers guaranteed 100% uptime for petabyte-scale Scality RING deployments along with our S3 products.

Scality HALO provides deep diagnostics, intuitive event visualizations, and proactive alarms. So you can avert faults and keep performance always at its peak.

Attend this live webinar for full Scality HALO details, including:

  • Our 100% uptime guarantee
  • Turnkey 24/7 remote monitoring across geographies
  • Predictive analytics to optimize planning
  • Comprehensive, customizable dashboards

 To attend the webinar, register here.

The Presenters

Paul Turner

Chief Marketing Officer
Daniel Binsfeld

VP of Customer Operations