Thank you for your interest in Scality Connect for Azure Blob Storage!

The free Private Preview of Scality Connect for Azure Blob Storage is limited to the first 100 customers who register. By registering, your Azure Subscription will be granted access to Scality Connect for Azure Blob Storage Version 1. You will also have access to technical documentation and the Scality support forum. Your Private Preview will last until the GA version of Scality Connect for Azure Blob Storage is released later this year.

What is Scality Connect for Azure Blob Storage?

Today, Microsoft provides its own API to access Azure Blob Storage. However, many applications have been written to use the Amazon S3 API which has quickly become a de facto cloud storage API standard.

Free Private Preview
Limited Seats Available
Scality needs your Azure Subscription ID so we can grant you access to Scality Connect through the Azure Marketplace. Having trouble? Find out how to get your Azure Subscription GUID. We will only use your Azure Subscription ID to whitelist your Subscription through the Azure Marketplace. We will not use this information in any other way.

You will receive a confirmation email when we receive your registration request. It should take approximately 24-48 hours for us to allow you to access Scality Connect for Azure Blob Storage at which point you will receive instructions for launching and using the software.

If you have any questions about the Private Preview before registering, please feel free to contact us.

This joint Scality/Microsoft solution makes it easier for developers and enterprises of all sizes to effortlessly and cost-effectively deploy thousands of apps within the Microsoft Azure Cloud and leverage its many advanced services.

Tad Brockway | General Manager for Azure Storage at Microsoft Corp