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Content is growing exponentially. Catalogs are expanding and resolution keeps getting higher, not to mention the growing number and variety of devices on which people consume digital content. At the heart of this growth is Data Storage - as content volumes grow your storage needs go up dramatically and costs will increase.

To manage the growth, leading companies are implementing an active archive storage strategy that allows them to prioritize storage for the most important assets and archive older content for long term retention. Join this webinar with Scality and QStar to learn: 

Join us for this on-demand webinar, with Scality and QStar to learn:

  • How to optimize your media workflow with an active-archive solution
  • Avoiding tape fallacies
  • Getting faster access to archived data when you need it
  • How the Scality RING can provide offsite protection for your data

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The Presenters

Dave Thomson

Senior VP, Sales and Marketing
QStar Technologies
Phillip Tribble

Senior Technical Marketing Engineer