Storage at Scale — at a Fraction of the Cost

Forrester 3-year analysis of Scality RING with Dell Storage Servers

Get access to the rigorous Forrester 3-year analysis of the Scality RING with Dell storage servers, as used by real enterprises. The findings? Performance, durability, and scale at a fraction of the cost of comparable NAS.

For full details on these astonishing results, download this Forrester Total Economic Impact™ study. Discover how the joint solution delivers these 3-year risk-adjusted benefits:

  • ROI of 229% with solution payback in less than 6 months
  • $1.5 million in savings from higher durability and elimination of downtime
  • $5.2 million reduction in acquisition costs vs. comparable scale-out NAS solutions
  • $4.65 million in averted expenses for increased storage capacity in years 2 and 3

“Scality RING with Dell storage servers delivers performance and scale at a fraction of the price of similar scale-out solutions without compromising durability.”

— Forrester

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